The name of Yoyo’s centre for the Art of Living, ‘The Laborint’,  is a combination of:

  • laboratory (symbolising the alchemy of turning base metals into gold)
  • labyrinth (symbolising the search for our inner core)
  • labor internus (inner work)

Here she offers:

Live retreats

Twice a year ( there is a live retreat for inner exploration and meditation (6-10 days) in  a nice venue in Europe  and abroad – usually close to a blue sea – where participants may shift their mindsets, integrate undigested emotions and release physical tensions,

The next retreat is in Quinta Splendida (Madeira), from February 13-22.  Theme: ‘At one with Existence’.

Online workshops

Regularly these are series of seminars around various topics that contribute to  and spiritual unfolding and transcending duality. The next series starts on Wednesday, January 4, (four weekly evenings from 8:00-10:00 p.m.).  Subject: ‘Meetings with with the true You’.

Individual online counseling

Yoyo’s 30-year experience in eliminating mental, emotional and physical issues will  help you bring clarity to the things you are struggling with in your life.

For more information mail to [email protected].