During her recent Portugal retreat ‘Freedom is Within’ Yoyo met self-healed health coach Elaine Godley, who invited her for this interview on ‘the second birth’, non-duality and the art of living.

Podcast series

Yoyo is preparing a podcast series on the themes of her book ‘Sacred Shit – Food for  SpiritualUnfolding’, that will be launched as an e-book in May 2024. It illuminates eight life cycles or stages of spiritual awakening in a framework of eight chakras. Her interviewees relate how they found their passion in life and how they manage to live it despite difficult circumstances and challenging situations.

Prior to the official book launch a pdf of the manuscript can be ordered via [email protected].


(For an illustrated resume of her  life see: Yoyo in ‘I Am’ )


Born in 1944 in Amsterdam, Yoyo grew up in a nearby commuter village. Her parents were both born and raised in the East-Indies (where her grandparents had emigrated to after the first World War), where they grew up with influences from Christianity, Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Animism.

The divorce of her parents in 1950  left her mother with four children: she was the eldest (6), the youngest just born.

Pain of separation

The pain of this irrepairable separation may have been the origin of her search later in life for something that could bridge seemingly irreconcilable opposites.

After high school and a a teacher degree of French language and literature, her work as assistent to  the director of the Modern Art Museum in The Hague led her to embracing the Arts herself: painting appeared to be a wonderful means of expression that helped her to come to terms with her existential struggle.

Creativity and Passion

Four years after finishing Art School in Arnhem Yoyo received a scholarship for the Academia Sztuk Pięknych in Cracow and later was awarded a first prize for European painting in Bruxelles.

This is when her work with people began. In her painting classes she found that (chronic) physical tension often blocked creative unfolding. Looking for ways to relax the body she discovered  deep holistic bodywork as a means to release chronic tensions and integrate undigested emotions. By the end of the eighties she had finished her training Postural Integration at the School for Body & Soul and started her own practice. After that she trained to become a Neuro-Emotional therapist and during ten years studied Mind Management with Star’s Edge in Florida, completing the Professional and Wizard courses.

Self unfolding and the Art of Living

Towards the turn of the century she started her own School for the Art of Living (Laborint), in which she could combine her skills and experience and develop into the non-duality teacher she now is. Here people come awaken to who they really are. They heal their bodies, integrate emotions, review their mind-set, meditate, discover their talents and find their purpose in life.