The name of Yoyo’s centre for the Art of Living, ‘The Laborint’,  is a combination of:

  • laboratory (symbolising the alchemy of turning base metals into gold)
  • labyrinth (symbolising the search for our inner core)
  • labor internus (inner work)

Here she offers:

Live retreats

Once or twice a year there is a live retreat for inner exploration and meditation (8-10 days) in  a nice venue somewhere in Europe – usually close to a blue sea – where participants can change their mindset, integrate undigested emotions, release physical tensions and enhance their creativity and sense of humour.

The next retreat ‘Ecstacy’ is in Ocea Resort, Samos (Greece) from 18-25 October 2024   

For 25 years, Villa Eva on Samos has been our favourite location, because of the warm relationship with our hosts Stelios and Ellina, the unique location (on the Aegean Sea), the beautiful group room, the Jacuzzi and the special atmosphere of this greenest island of the Greek archipelago.

Unfortunately, our dear friend Stelios has meanwhile exchanged the temporary with the eternal. But his son Anastasios (together with his mother Ellina), after a period of mourning and reorientation, has continued his father’s work with great dedication under the new name Ocea (which Stelios had chosen just before his death).

The theme:

Ecstasy (Ancient Greek ékstasis’: outside yourself’) is a state of rapture in which – in full consciousness – you are so absorbed in the moment that you become detached from your ‘persona’: the mask you wear of your conditioned personal story. You forget who you are, what you are and where you are and ‘disappear’ into something bigger than you. These are the moments when you lift yourself out of the bickering of duality and suddenly feel connected to everything and everyone. This is the state of mind where the true meaning of love comes to you.

In this retreat, you will discover that this state of mind is our birthright.


In the morning after breakfast (and in the evening before dinner) we have an open exchange of experiences, feelings, thoughts and wishes.

Each day, the programme (from 10.00-13.30 and from 17.30-19.30) forms itself based on what resonates with the participants. This may include Yoyo yoga, dance, emotional release, verbal and non-verbal interaction, nurturing touch, mindshifting and various forms of meditation.

During the lunch break, there is ample opportunity to rest, explore the island and/or enjoy the sea (the average temperature in October is 21 degrees – with about 8 hours of sunshine per day- but the sea water is still 23 degrees around this time!).

One day is free (after morning sharing) for lazing, swimming, sunbathing, mountain hiking or exploring the picturesque villages and delicious local restaurants.


Participation fee: €500 (not including accommodation). You arrange your own flight and indicate your preference for one of the 1-, 2-, 3- or 4- bed studios (all equipped with a kitchenette).

More Information

App +31 6 22492501 or mail to [email protected]

Online workshops

Regularly these are series of seminars around various topics that contribute to spiritual unfolding and transcending duality. The next series starts on (four two-weekly evenings from 8:00-10:00 p.m.).  Subject: ‘Reconnecting with the Divine within’.

Individual online counseling

Yoyo’s 40-year experience with eliminating mental, emotional and physical blocks will  help you clear up  issues that you are struggling with in your life.

For information and booking a time-slot mail to [email protected].