This is Yoyo’s website.

Yoyo’s life is dedicated to spiritual unfolding, non-duality and learning/practicing unconditional love..

She sometimes calls herself ‘a midwife for the second birth’ and works both with individuals and groups 

In her Laborint centre for the Art of living , she facilitates evenings, workshops and courses for body awareness, emotional integration and mind-shifting. 

Topics may be:

  • Survival strategies and belonging
  • Body awareness
  • Sexuality, intimacy and emotions
  • Relationships / the art of relating
  • Ego, will-power, ambition, creativity, authority
  • Love, empathy, compassion
  • Pure communication and resonance
  • Transcending duality
  • The wise Man and the Fool – return to innocence
  • Ecstacy, the ultimate union

Yoyo also delivers retreats worldwide.

The next (1-3-week) retreat ‘”Blissfully embodying Being will be held in Samos, Greece, from October 19 till November 9.